Welcome To My Humble Abode

Here you will find a curation of the projects I’ve been working on. Let’s call it “My Portfolio”. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions, requests, or just a craving for social interaction.

Win My Salary – Website Concept

Photo Marketing Sidekick – Brochure and Workbook

Deck of Cards – Commercial Video

Zillertal Beer – Photo Advertisement

Kläder För Lärare – Content Creation for Clothing Brand

Kenzan Tours – Vietnam

Some Other Stuff I’ve Also Done…

(1) I created a draft for a marketing and sales podcast “Framgång Genom Marknadsföring. You can find the first podcast episode on Soundcloud.

(2) When studying Content Management at Malmö YH we created a feature case commercial for a new audiobook company that we named Soundescape. We made one longer video and a shorter one.

(3) I created a book with 365 dilemma questions called “Vad svarar du?” (What would you answer) It is a book filled with clever questions and dilemmas that is aimed mainly at school youth from middle school up to the last year of high school. It’s in Swedish, but you can download it from my Google Drive.

(4) Before I had to file for bankruptcy I ran a digital agency called “The Instagram Agency” (TIGA). The content from our Instagram is still alive and can be viewed through this link.

If you’r interested in something similar, or something TOTALY different, this is how you contact me