Who’s Mr. Awesome?

Hello! Glad you are interested in knowing more about me. This will not be a complete biography, but nevertheless, I hope you get a fairly good picture of who I am. Especially where I come from, and where I want to go with this website and in life.

My name is Mats David Awesome Goldberg. Yes, “Awesome” is actually a registered first name with the National Tax Agency in Sweden, after a lost bet against a bunch of eighth graders. I was partly raised in Stockholm, and to date have had 40 different home addresses during my 42-year life so far.

I love Real Estate Investing

Ever since I was a child, I have fantasized, dreamed about, and drawn dream houses and accommodations for different places I have visited. Ever since I ended up with Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” in my hand, during a layover at the airport in Mexico City in January 2006, I have been more or less obsessed with real estate investments. This led within a year of reading the book to probably my worst financial decision ever when I took a 200,000 SEK payday loan. The money went to invest in a company that dealt in sports arbitrage. An investment I had too little knowledge about. It led to a really tough financial position and a broken marriage in the end. This has led me to look for a lot more information and knowledge before I make an investment today.

2006 was also the year I started my own career as an entrepreneur. I had big hopes of being able to give my children a pleasant upbringing and also being able to offer them a secure future. There have been many different business ventures over the years. But that’s the way it is when you’re something of a visionary who constantly thinks big.

Financial trouble after divorce

After my divorce in 2012 and a couple of subsequent years I was experiencing really tough times as I was living on welfare and was constantly short of money. I decided to do everything in my power to get back on the green side. Unfortunately, I had to close my own company due to fact that I finally went into personal bankruptcy in July 2019. The reason for this was that I had used my tax money to pay the handymen for our renovation where we lived. Had I not used those money, we would have had to move out on the street.

Forced to return to a permanent job as a crafts teacher, I decided to invest hard and learn more about real estate. My mission was to learn how to count on investments so that one day I could invest with confidence and credibility.

Today, just over three and a half years have passed since the bankruptcy. The economy is still strained, but the debts have been paid. It is now time to roll up my sleeves and start my real estate career in earnest. Through my property blog on Fastighetsanalytikern you will be able to follow my journey from scratch. Along the way, I hope to get to know many interesting people and gain new knowledge. That way I hope I can share it with you to help you to build the future you desire and deserve.

A psychoanalysis of who am I

According to the classic Meyer Briggs test, I am classified as an “ENFJ” and according to Sally Hogshead, the creator of Fascinate Profiling, I am a “Trendsetter”. The DISC analysis, well known in Sweden, puts me in category “i”. Hope it helps you get a sense of who I am and how I work. To get to know me even a little better, I recommend that you visit either my personal LinkedIn profile for a decent summary of the projects I’ve worked on or my private Facebook profile for something a little more personal.

Knowledge and experience I have, aside from real estate

  • Photo Editing: Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, Gimp, Photomatix

  • Movie Editing: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X & Lumafusion

  • Graphic Design: Canva, Adobe XD, InDesign, Designrr

  • Audio Editing: Audition, Garage Band, Anchor, SoundCloud

  • Programming: HTML5, CSS, WordPress, WIX, Squarespace, Clickfunnels

  • Marketing Through Social Media: SEO, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Bing, Yahoo

  • Affiliate Marketing: Clickbank, Tradedoubler, PBL

  • E-Mail Marketing: Mailchimp, Minutemailer, Mailgun

  • CRM and Payment Solutions: Honeybook, Salesforce, HubSpot, Bokio, Stripe, Paypal, Iconosquare

  • Other Software: Office 365, Google Drive, Trello, Zapier, Zoom, Skype, Teams, Basecamp, Dropbox, Amazon, Google Maps, Later, Wikipedia, Calendly

  • Certificates and Diplomas: Content Manager, Journalism, Creative Copywriter, Professional Fundraiser, Adventure Guide, High School Teacher

  • Other Skills: In addition to a morbid obsession with audiobooks, I spend a lot of time furthering my knowledge in Crypto and NFTs, fanatical board gaming geek, survival and prepping, bartering, lecturing on personal development, studying drop-shipping as a hobby, and whenever I can I like to do voice-overs.

  • …and a lot of other things too… 😉