Kläder För Lärare – Content Creation for Clothing Brand

The basic idea behind “Kläder För Lärare” (Clothes for Teachers) was to strengthen Swedish teachers’ sense of pride in their profession. I’ve seen some funny, humorous clothes with prints for teachers in English, but none that are based on being able to take pride in your role and identity as a teacher.

I am a schooled teacher myself and would like to see more people show off their identity as teachers. The status of the teaching role has been depleted over the years. Despite this, more study and knowledge is required about everything; from understanding students with functional variants to how we treat students in the school environment today. Being a teacher is not just a job, it’s a calling. A teacher helps shape children and young people with their experience and knowledge long after they leave school. Without passionate and proud teachers, society will not be as good as we hope and want it to be for our children and young people.

More models and types of garments will come eventually. Kläder För Lärare is planned to launch its first collection in August 2024.